Friday, October 7, 2011

SOUTHWESTERN FLAIR - Turquoise with some Tiger Iron and Crystals !

Turquoise can be combined with almost any other gemstone, and still retain that Southwestern look, because the Indians of the Southwest used whatever they could find or trade for to make their jewelry pieces.
Three large Turquoise rondels form the center of this 18 inch necklace. They are highlighted by copper and Czech Crystal faceted beads.
Tiger Iron barrels and rondels, Turquoise beads, copper highlights and Czech Crystals complete the sides of the necklace.

A 2 1/2 inch extender is used with a silver plated S-hook Clasp.
Matching silver plated French Hook earrings complete the set.

Tiger Iron is a composite gemstone of black Hematite, red Jasper and Tiger's Eye. It has rippled wavy bands of color often which resemble a scenic view. It usually has a greenish cast with shades of golden yellow, brown and reds. Marra Mamba is a form of Tiger Iron that was found only in a specific area of Australia near Mount Brockman. It is a very rare type of Tiger Iron that contains shades of green, red, blue and yellow. Since the area has been mined out for many years, very little of the "true" Marra Mamba is available in todays markets. If you want to see some, find a good collector or a museum that might have some.

Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral that is a hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminium. It is rare and valuable in its finer grades and has been prized as a gemstone and ornamental stone for thousands of years owing to its unique hue. In recent times Turquoise, like most other opaque gems, has been devalued by the introduction of treatments, imitations, and synthetics onto the gemstone marketplace. The substance has been known by many names, but the word Turquoise was derived around the 16th century from the French language 'turquie', for a Central Asian material which was a very early imported through Turkey from Persia. Today, Persian and certain southwestern United States Turquoise, especially Sleeping Beauty, commend some of the highest prices paid for this gemstone. Many times on the edges of the Turquoise fields, other minerals and stones become interwined into the Turquoise or Turquoise pieces are encapsulated into the surrounding rock, thus creating unique and interesting patterns.

Czech Crystals are also used in this set.