Monday, October 31, 2011

LLANITE - A Uniquely Texas Gemstone !

This set combines Llanite, Kyanite and Peruvian Opal, all unique in their own right.

Finding unique gemstones is always a thrill. Being able to get hold of enough to be able to include in several jewelry pieces is extremely rare. Add to that the ability to get one of these rare, one location only gemstones from near ones home, makes for a real thrill in the making of jewelry.

Llanite is a hypabyssally intruded Rhyolite with phenocrysts of microcline and euhedral Quartz. The quartz crystals are blue hexagonal bipyramids. The unusual blue coloration of the quartz is thought to be due to ilmenite inclusions. It is named after Llano County Texas, the only place where it is found. A dike of Llanite outcrops about 9 miles north of the town of Llano. Many times during grinding and polishing, the Llanite looses it reddish color as seen in the picture of some slabs. Older material was much redder than that currently being found. Sometimes when finishing pieces, pendants will maintain some of the reddish color when held in a specific position in the light. Current diggings into the dike are producing a grayer material, but the blue Quartz flakes still appear.

A Llanite pendant and earring set with highlight Czech Crystals.

The following are some examples of pendants and earrings that have been cut and polished out of Llanite slabs.

We have a very limited amount of Llanite, some of which will be available at the Coker Fest Show this coming weekend in San Antonio..