Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The AUTUMN COLLECTION - Leapordskip Jasper !

Autumn colors can not be brought out any better than they are in Leapordskin Jasper.

Leapordskin Jasper graduated coin beads are the focal point of this 20 inch necklace. Czech crystal beads sepparate the coin beads to give them depth.

Some of the colors within the Leapordskin Jasper arfe repeated along the sides with Poppy Jasper peanut beads, peach Crystals and gunmetal seed beads.

The necklace is closed with a antique silver plated Toggle clasp.

The silver plated French Hook earrings hang 1 1/2 inch with Crystals and Poppy Jasper.

Jasper - Sometimes we have an Agate, sometimes we have a Jasper, sometimes we have a name and not sure which exact gemstone we have. Many times we try to find an "easy answer" where there isn't one. The basic difference between Agate and Jasper is a structural one - at the microscopic level. It has nothing to do with the color or pattern. Agate is composed of microscopic 'fibers' of crystalline quartz. Jasper is composed of microscopic 'grains' of crystalline quartz. Jasper has less-regular patterns and is less defined than the Agates. Another subtle difference between the two is that Agates tend to be translucent (or at least contain translucent bands), while Jaspers are generally opaque.

Jasper coming from Greek origin, "iaspis", means "spotted stone." This form of semiprecious microcrystalline Quartz is usually red, brown or green. Its patterns are much less regular and defined than those of its sister variety, Agate. Although the term Jasper is often applied to unidentified stones, true Jaspers are metamorphic rocks. Jasper derives its colorful patterns from other minerals present, and is often named according to its pattern. It has a dull luster but takes a fine polish, and its hardness and other physical properties are those of Quartz. Jasper is often sealed with petroleum products. Its polish might wash away in water, so clean with a soft, dry cloth. Leapordskin Jasper is an ideal Jasper, one with many colors and meets the criteria of the "spotted" stone. Poppy Jasper is opaque and somewhat striped but of a single color, usually shades of dark reds.

Czech Crystals and gunmetal are also used in this set.