Sunday, August 7, 2011


It is always interesting to find very showy gemstones, but some just seem to stand out from the rest. The following are some examples of not new stones, but interesting ones that are not seen very often and when found are grabbed quickly by those who know what they are.

KOROIT Boulder and Matrix Opal material from Australia.

What is so interesting about the KOROIT material is the varied colors.

Then there is the stone that when someone claims to be a gemologist, you ask them about - MAW SIT SIT which comes from the northern area of Myanmar (Burma). Maw Sit Sit is a unique arggregate metamorphic rock.

Another Australian find from the back-country is the ANDAMOOKA Opal material.

Then close to home we have CHALCOPYRITE, a copper-iron-sulfite material better known as Peacock Stone to those in Arizona.

And then a fairly new stone on the market, SONORA SUNRISE, a combination of Chrysacolla-Cuprite-Malachite that was found in the region around Sonora, Mexico.

And the new kid on the block in terms of new finds. Wello opals were discovered in 2007 in Wello, Ethiopia. Since then, Wello opals have been captivating the gem world.