Friday, June 17, 2011


As one visits the Caribbean, the vibrant colors that are seen in the Ocean, on the Islands and in the Sunsets inspired this jewelry collection called "Caribbean Delights". The set delights one with the blues of the water.

The light blues and aquas of the Caribbean Sea are highlighted in the necklace with a large aqua Sonoran Leaf as the focal piece. Czech glass nuggets with an aqua thread complement the crystals and seed beads with silver accents along the sides. A silver plated Lobster Clasp with a 2 inch extender on this 18 inch necklace gives the wearer an option on length. Matching crystal French Hook earrings complete the set.

Sonoran Leaves are a specially fired glass that is made into the shape of leaves in different sizes for use in pendants and earrings. Boro glass is a particular type of glass, better known under the brand name of Pyrex. It was first developed in the late 19th century and was used primarily for scientific glass due to its strength and durability. Artists have started to use boro glass for bead making even though it is a very hard glass and requires high heat to form a bead. Boro glass has a very distinctive range of colors from varions other minerals or impurities, often much more vibrant than the softer European glass. Sonoran Leaf pieces are made one at a time, in a flame. Because they are made by hand there may be slight variations in color from one batch to another. Do not confuse these Sonoran Leaves with other types of poured or fused glass leave made in bulk.

Czech Glass Crystals or perhaps better known as Bohemian glass, or Bohemia crystal, is a decorative glass produced in regions of Bohemia and Silesia, now in the current state of the Czech Republic, since the 13th century. Oldest archaeology excavations of glass-making sites date to around 1250 and are located in the Lusatian Mountains of Northern Bohemia. Both Novy Bor and Kamenicky Senov have their own Glass Museums with many items dating since around 1600. These locations were especially outstanding in its manufacture of glass in high Baroque style from 1685 to 1750. In the 17th century, gem cutters in Prague, adapted to glass the technique of gem engraving with copper and bronze wheels. In the second half of the 19th century, Bohemia looked to the export trade and mass-produced colored glass for shipment all over the world. Today the Bohemian Glassworks Company is the producer of fine Czech crystals, Bohemian glass and Swarovski crystals. The latest project has been the firing of glass nail files.

Crystals and seed beads are also used in this set.