Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stone Patterns !

One of the things one looks for when picking out a slab to make pieces for jewelry out of is an outstanding or unique pattern within the outline of the shape one is going to design. An excellant example is the following pendant made from Red River Jasper from Australia. Here you see two very well defined colors streaking across the stone.
Some times the piece of stone or slab is not large enough to make several pieces which would become a pendant and earring set. But sometime one is luckly enough in the pattern presented by the stone, to be able to make a pendant and earring set from multiple pieces, as seen in this Tiger Iron set from Australia.
Then there are times when one is able to make a large pendant out of a slab, only to have the finished piece break into pieces, hopefully only two, because of a fracture line in the stone or a bit of rough handling when cutting or polishing. Many times the crack occurs when trying to drill a hole for hanging the piece from a necklace or placing a bail on it. But sometimes when this occurs, one gets very lucky and where the crack occurs allows the piece to be repolished into a matching set as seen in this Cappucinno Jasper double-pendant.
Sometimes it takes a bit more imagination to come up with a design after a stone cracks, but as can be seen in these Cappuccino Jasper pieces, the original stone patern is still very much present although the two pieces no longer actually fit together.
At other times there is no real pattern but similar areas make for an interesting double pendant design. Again Cappuccino Jasper from Poland fills the bill for this double-pendant.
We close out with another great pendant made out of Seraphinite or "Russian Angel Stone" where Silvery Mica is encased in the Seraphinite makes for a very interesting pendant pattern and a very unique piece.