Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gemology Tools Professional

I have been asked by several how I can come up with detailed information pertaining to various gemstones and minerals so quickly when asked questions about the various stones, especially after they they have spend hours on the internet looking through many web-sites, picking up additional pieces of information here and there, but never getting a complete listing. Well first of all, it is not that I have it all memorized by a long shot nor remembered. It certainly does help however to have a good working knowledge of the gemstones and being an ISG Registered Gemologist certainly helps in that area. But when I have access to my work computer and/or my laptop, I have at my disposal a program called Gemology Tools Professional, or in short "GT Pro". With the concurrence of Bill Wise of GT Pro, I hope to introduce many of you to this fabulous program, and for those of you working with gemstones, doing appraisal work or even those that just want detailed information for your hobby, it is the greatest.
Gemology Tools Professional is a Windows based software program that contains the most complete gemology references currently available. Included are such gemology aids as the Gemstone Database which gives you access to information on over 1,950 gemstone species, varieties, trade names and misnomers. Also included are the Diamond Weight Estimator, the Colored Stone Weight Estimator, the Pearl Grader, a diamond cut grading system, a round diamond re-cutting analyzer and much, much more. The Gemstone Database provides over 30 facts, properties and characteristics for almost all known gemstones. Over 970 gemstone photographs are included. The Gemstone Database also features the new Gemstone Separator, the easiest way to make a gem identification and the new Inclusion Gallery which provides you with over 275 visual examples of gemstone and diamond inclusions and surface features. With access to over 1,950 gemstone species, varieties, trade names and misnomers you can look up just about any fact, property, characteristic or photograph in just seconds. With over 970 gemstone photographs, rough and cut, you can get a visual representation of many gemstones and gemstone inclusions. You can sort the database by Specific Gravity or by Refractive Index. You can use the Visual Crown Angle calculator to get a good look at how the crown angle changes when the table width or crown height is changed. One thing it doesn’t do is write appraisals, although the Custom Piece Calculator will generate text for each item that can help you with creating an appraisal. This is helpful if you don’t have appraisal specific software.

Gemology Tools Profession contains the following sections ----

Gemstone Database
Diamond Weight Estimator
Colored Stone Weight Estimator
Cabochon Weight Estimator
Gemstone Separator
Inclusion Gallery
Colored Stone Weight Estimator

Cabochon Weight Estimator
NAJA Diamond Cut Grading
Pearl Grader Guide
Gemology Review
Find a Gemstone

Diffraction Spectral Images
Gemology Glossary
Gemstone Photos

Round Diamond Recut Planner

Data Charts
Card File


Appointment Calendar

Units Converter
By going to one can keep current on the version of the program they own by checking the Revision Tracker. Additional information concerning theh program and details about each section can be found at the same web-site location. For the gemstone enthusiast or gemology student who does n't need all teh bells and whistles, there is a cheaper version of the program called GT Gemstones. It has the same gemstone content as GT Pro but it does not contain the various upgraded professional tools.
The photographs used in this BLOG are copyrighted and are used with the permission of Bill Wise and Martin Fuller of GT Pro. They show examples of the type of photographs and displays you will see in the various sections of the program. Other special detailed photos of special stones, inclusions or identifying marks in sythetics and simulants, are taken by numerious other persons and you must obtain the program to be able to see them. A major thanks to Bill for letting me do this BLOG on his outstanding program.
If you decide to obtain this program, please let Bill know you heard about his program thru this BLOG. You can order it at: and he accepts PayPal.