Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Copper and Bronze Settings and Chains !

Japanese Fossil Chrysanthumum Stone

With the cost of Gold and Silver, that is especially 22k gold and Sterling Silver, skyrocketing to over $1700.00 an oz, with silver at $30.00 an oz, and maybe even higher by year end, we have decided to try, with some success so far, setting some of our handmade gemstone pendants into Copper and Bronze settings and making up matching chains to go with them.

Mexican Azurite Russian Black Jade

Brass is the term used for alloys of copper and zinc; the proportions of zinc and copper can be varied to create a range of brasses each with unique properties and color. Brass has a yellow color, somewhat similar to gold. It is relatively resistant to tarnishing, and is often used as decoration, jewelry and for coins.

Bronze refers to a broad range of copper alloys, usually with tin as the main additive. It is strong and tough and has myriad uses in industry. It was particularly significant in antiquity, giving its name to the Bronze Age. Common bronze alloys often have the unusual and very desirable property of expanding slightly just before they set, thus filling in the finest details of a mold.

Copper is a ductile metal with excellent electrical conductivity, and finds extensive use as an electrical conductor and as a component of various alloys used in jewelry. Copper oxidizes easily giving it its green coloration. NOTE: some people will cause Copper and Copper Alloys to turn a bright green.

Check "Pendants Available" to see some of the new pendants and chains using copper. More will be added this coming week. Follow the instructions if interested in purchasing.