Monday, September 20, 2010

GEMSTONE JEWELRY - Choosing the right chain style !

Choosing the right necklace or pendant as a gift, will show style when presenting any present. A necklace also gives one the opportunity to perform the classic romantic gesture of putting something around your loved ones neck.
In general, a necklace is defined as any type of chain, gems, jewelry or length of items that can go around ones neck. Necklaces can come in an assortment of lengths, including or not including, strands of precious metal or gems in an assortment of styles including heavier chains, links, and braids. Some necklaces feature a fixed set of diamonds or gemstones, where others have stones that run their entire length, and some have matching pendants or other gemstones hanging from them. Others are ribbons or strings cut to the desired length with a clasp. The more common types of metal chains are :










Once you decide which type of chain you want, then the metal, will it be Sterling Silver, 10k - 14k or 18k White or Yellow Gold, Platinum, or Silver or Gold Filled or Plated or Vermile. OK, now you have the type and kind of metal selected. On many of the types you will have, for instance Baby Box, Normal Box and Large Box or Vennetian Box to then decide between. Then maybe your style has a plain, twisted, braided or a spiral version with one, two, three or more sections.

Then some even add more choices as they classify "Omegas" as metal chains also. Omegas come in all sizes from 1mm to 10mm wide, in any metal type you can think of and there are also reversable Omegas, one side white gold, the other yellow gold, so it can be worn with a wider variets of jewelry.

Now that you have all of the above all figuered out, comes the length. Here are the standards:.

16 in. Choker length: Just above collarbones. Emphasizes her neckline.
18 in. Princess length: Hangs over collarbones. The most common length.
20 in. Colarbone length: Hangs just below the collarbone for accenting the neck.
22 in. Neckline length: Hangs just at a dress neckline.
24 in. Opera length: Over blouse or dress. A dramatic length.
There are also 30in and 40in chains for those that want to loop or wear extremely long or wear various lengths grouped together.
Of course if you are having the chain made to order, then you can have the length be whatever is necessary for the style you want. .

But never forget when looking at necklaces, even with all the style and types of chains that are available, that small set of white pearls is an all time favorite !