Thursday, September 29, 2011

Print Stone from Australia !

This highly unusual stone called Print Stone or Newsprint Jasper, comes from an area near Kununurra in North Western Australia. Actually it is a type of Silicated Sandstone which as can be seen has an increible pattern.

The highly unusual patterning makes this stone unique and fun to work with. Although this material cuts very easily, it does not take a high polish without some kind of a surface treatment such as Opticon or epoxy. A matte to semi-gloss finish can be obtained by using diamond dust with a final polishing of Zam. A good looking finish can be obtained through the use of Birchwood Casey Tru-oil, gunstock finish.

Look for these pendants incorporated into some new jewelry pieces completed by Gayle for the upcoming Fall and Holiday Shows.


Well after getting things finished up and the BLOG originally posted, took the small piece of the slab that was left and managed to get a third round 40mm pendant out of it. Interesting how the back side of the slab, which I used as the face for the pendants, provides a totally different looking scene from the front side seen above.